A brief history

Catedra Medicină legalăThe department was founded in 1945 and until 1949 was headed by PhD Elena Ciucimariov. Prof. Petru Areєev was the head of department for 17 years (1949–1966). Between 1966–1968 and 1975-1995 the department was headed by Professor George Botezatu. During 1968–1971 the leader of the department was Prof. A. Kurdiumov, and between 1971–1975 – Prof. V. Parfentiev. In 1995 Professor George Baciu became the chief of department, and in 2008 the leadership of the department was forwarded to Andrei Pгdure.

The university training process began at the department in March 1946 with a course of lectures in Forensic medicine. Currently it is set for students of faculties of Medicine 1, Medicine 2, Dentistry and Public Health. Since 2009 a course of medical law has been taught. The teaching staff of the chair applies widely interactive teaching methods. Besides university education the staff of the department trains residents of various specialties: forensic doctors, pathologists, surgeons and has the course of continuing medical education of forensic experts. At the same time, the department staff also lectures to students of law faculties of the State University of Moldova, National Institute of Justice and the PoliceAcademy “Stefan cel Mare”.

The scientific activity of the department began in the 1950s. Between years 1950–1966 the basic theme of scientific research was “The Role of prior diseases in expertise of living persons and violent death.” For a long time (1967–1994) another research direction was the postmortem interval. Since 1995 scientific researchers have studied one more problem: “etiopathogenesis of violent death and criteria of its forensic expertise”. Simultaneously, healthcare quality and patient rights have been studied. The members of the department have published about 900 scientific papers, including 18 monographs, 6 books, 13 guides and guidelines. 50 certificates of innovation and 11 certificates of invention were obtained. Eight patents were granted.

Under the auspices of the department 12 scientific forums (including international ones) were organized with publication of reports and articles of participants. Four theses for MD were defended by P. Areєev, 1964, Gh Botezatu, 1973, Gh Baciu, 1983, and A. Pгdure, 2011 and 17 PhD theses in medicine. Many notorious specialists as N.Volkova, A.Solohin, S.Ungurean, A.Susanu, Gr.Mutoi, I.Cuvsinov have worked at the department since its foundation.